The Perfect Lighting For Every Room


1. Entries, foyers, hallways

These are important spots for guest. This is the first space that they see when they come for a visit. The entries have to be with great lighting for safety reasons. There might be stairs, coat hangers and so on. So it’s best for foyers and entries to be well lit up. You can put lights on the stairs, or a big chandelier on the ceiling. Just make sure it’s bright enough.

2. Living room

Since this is an area where a lot of people gather, you don’t want it to be dark. You can put lamps on the side tables, that can help you when you read. They can be in different shades to complement your furniture. If you want to accent a painting, use recessed lighting. That will give such a sophisticated vibe to your room.


3. Dining room

This is probably the easiest room to decorate because the centre is obviously the table. You have two choices: a pendant in centre or two pendants in each end of the table (if your table is rectangular). You can also put up a chandelier. It can be the focal point in the room.

4. Kitchen

Of course in the kitchen you need to have excellent lighting. This is where you cut vegetables, cook food and sometimes eat that food. Focus on the areas that you use the most – the bar, the island and the sink. This is where you’ll need the most light. Don’t put lamps in the kitchen because you have to be careful around them. It is best if you think about lighting when you’re designing the kitchen.


5. The bathroom

Side lights on the mirror are probably the best choice here. For the morning that is. Or for when you apply make-up. But for the night aim for dim lighting that will calm you down.

6. The bedroom

This room doesn’t need bright light. Since this is the room used for sleeping, opt for dim relaxing lights. You can place lamps on the night stand so there will be direct light pointing to your book. Many people don’t just sleep in the bedroom – they have a desk, a TV. Make sure that you illuminate all of these areas. For instance, place a lamp on one side of the bureau.


Lighting is crucial when it comes to the appearance of a house. If you can’t decide, switch places and see how it looks. Just remember, decorate however you think you’ll enjoy your home the most.


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